How to Come Up with a #Catchy Hashtag

Filed under *Show July 21-22

Wedding hashtags have become a new staple in the wedding industry. In fact, some planners are now adding “coming up with a hashtag” as a service they offer. Hashtags are simply keywords denoted by the use of the # symbol. They are used in social media platforms as a way of searching and organizing content. By coming up with a hashtag specific to your wedding, your guests can easily find content posted about your big day! Here are a few things to consider when coming up with a hashtag for your wedding.


  1. What Is Your Name?

This sounds like a no brainer, but consider your names! Whether you want to focus in on the last name of the couple, or if the couple shares the same first name this is a great place to start.


  1. How Did You Meet?

If you’re having trouble finding a hashtag with your name, consider how you met. Maybe you met in a cooking class or a cycling club. Think of your hobbies and interests and you may be able to come up with something unique.


  1. What Defines You as a Couple?

This focuses on how people identify you as a couple. Maybe you’re known for karaoke nights, or the weekly dinner parties you host. Where are you from? Again consider shared hobbies and interests that your guests immediately correlate you with.


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Written by: Bianca Vertil