I’m Engaged…Now What?

Filed under *Show July 21-22

So you got engaged – congratulations! You may find yourself asking, “Now what?”. I think one of the most important things to do right after getting engaged is planning a celebration! Engagement parties are the perfect way to bring friends and family together to celebrate this special occasion, and let the two families begin to get to know each other.

You probably have already heard a ton about what is trending in the wedding world, but how about engagement party trends? One of the biggest trends when it comes to engagement parties is hosting a cocktail-style bash rather than a sit down dinner. If you decide to have a cocktail party, what better way to introduce your couple style than with a signature drink? This is another huge trend both for engagement parties and weddings. Signature drinks give you a chance to allow your guests to get to know both you and your groom (and can help cut costs if you choose to limit beverages to just your signature).

Another trend that we are seeing a lot of is wedding hashtags. Your engagement party is the perfect time to introduce your wedding hashtag and get people posting with it, or come up with a separate one just for the engagement.

Finally, seasonal décor and colors are huge when it comes to engagement parties. Now is the time to take advantage of flowers, colors, and other décor options that maybe won’t be in season when it comes time for the big day!

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written by: Marissa Greteman